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Safety Standard Certification

  As increasing the demands of electric, electromotive and the applied products, and as the damages from using the products accordingly are growing, “E” in Korea or UL, CSA, TUV etc in overseas countries make the minimum safety device to protect consumers from the dangerous. That is Safety standard.

(Technischer Uberwachung Verein : Technology inspection Institute ) It is established by German government in1870 so as to solve the safety problems occurring steam boilers, etc that were main industries after the industrial revolution.
(Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated) It is established by Delaware state of U.S.A. IN 1894, known as oldest in the world and authoritative and representative standard institute in U.S.A.
(Svenska Elektriska Materiel-Kontrollastalten ab : Swedish electromechanical testing and approval corporation ) It is managed individually by SEMKO for approving Safety mark.
It is nominated FIMKO establishing a new testing and certification section after as abolishing SETI(Electrical Inspectrate) in 1994.
(Verbund Deutscher Elektrotechnicker : German electric and technology corporation ) It is established as nonprofit organization in Jan. 22, 1893, formulated the related rules according as GtA ( Safety rules for consumer products and the related safety devices ) testing and granting certificates and supervising the maintenance eligibility.

ISO(International Organization for Standardization)is a worldwide federation of national standard bodies (ISO member bodies). The work of preparing international standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. Each member body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. International Standard ISO 9001 was prepared by Technical committee ISO/TC 176, quality assurance.

6σ Qualitysame meaning of CP2.0 or ZERO Defect, permitting 3 or 4 defects in 1 million products or services or processes, limiting to perfect. Mean so miniaturizing quality distribution as the min. and max. quality Torrance put 6 sigma distance from the centre.

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