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  Meaning of Contact ratings in data sheets
2010-01-12 07:45:33, Inquire count : 8,796
Contact ratings mean pure resistive load (Power factor cos phi = 1) in Data sheets like cement or heat resisters.
These ratings generally show values of 100,000 oprations with the load, time 1 sec. on 2 sec. off or 1.5 sec. on and 1.5 sec. off.

So, considering relay's mechanical life expectancy is over 10,000,000 cycles, as per actual loaded, relay life expectancy is predicted accorded inverse proportion curve between mechanical life and elecrical life.

However, when load is inductive load, cos phi value is not "1", but such as 0.4 (General Motor) or 0.7 (Lamp),
10A 250VAC will be reduced to 4A (cos phi = 0.4) or 7A (cos phi = 0.7).

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